Stuart Overbey Owner, So Far Media

Stuart Overbey
Owner, So Far Media

I established So Far Media in Central Virginia in 2013. My choice to structure it as a nimble, one-person company was informed by nearly a decade of running one of the largest production companies in Albuquerque, New Mexico, during a time when the area was experiencing a huge film-industry boom.

The big projects were exciting to work on, but my favorite clients were the little guys -- the small business owners who wanted big results for their marketing, but didn't have the budget to hire an ad agency; the nonprofits that were working hard to better the community, but found raising money for advertising nearly impossible; the independent filmmaker with talent and an important story to tell.

So Far Media allows me to bring my varied skills and interests -- writing, art and design, video production, and technology -- together in one place. While I still exercise the option of bringing in subcontractors as needed, I most often do everything myself, in collaboration with the client. The result is clear communication, smooth processes, close relationships, lower costs, and most importantly, the marketing results that clients want and need.